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Are We Doing the Right Things? Charlie Munger has a piece of advice

 Are we doing the right things or just doing things right ...

This Quote by Charlie Munger is aligned in the same direction and can serve as a cue to regularly check, review and get back to "doing the right things" in our life needs and situations. 

These are wise words of an achiever and philanthropist - Charlie Munger, co-architect of the Berkshire Hathaway investment empire, whose life spanned almost a century (99 years). A voracious reader like his partner Warren Buffett, Munger drew his principles of life from various disciplines - science, maths and psychology, to know about the nature of people, their behaviour and the nature of business. 

His innate and acquired insights guided his judgement and actions. He worked hard to find out the right things and do them right - to evaluate potential investments in life and business and succeed in both.

The harder we work on "false" things the more we waste our valuable resources - time, health, money and relationships; and the more we regret it later in life. Switching to the right goals and methods in our personal life and career may be demanding but is worth it, and will in good time lead to right confidence and success.

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