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Our Life Needs - Introducing my resources …..

“Our Life Needs, With a Nature View”
A lifestyle with a Nature View is Self-Renewing.


Wish this note finds you in good spirits!

We learn various subjects in School and in Higher Education - they serve as stepping stones in our life-journey. We move ahead in life, then sometimes we review our paths to pick up some missing links from our school days, required for our harmony. These subjects too contribute to our wellbeing - for Psychologists say that “there is a child, an adult and a parent in every man”.  They help us in our life journey - we acquire basic skills required to achieve goals in our personal and work areas

Our academic learning of the Arts, Languages, Science and Technology, Social Sciences as well as our experiences, equip us to enjoy success and face challenges in the same stride. Our modern lifestyle and current activities, demand different life skills. A Teaching and Learning site with a “Broad Reserve of Resources” would be a dependable source for providing the right solution.

I am creating some resources with academic and life skills orientation. They would help us know more about our Lifestyle Needs, which include Food Science, Health and related areas - with a Nature View. The more our understanding about the various interconnections in our lifestyle and Nature the more self-renewal and harmony, we bring into our lives. Hope these topics are applicable in a general way to most visitors and hence would benefit  a large audience of readers.

Please visit my Teaching and Learning Stores and avail the FREE and PAID Resources and DISCOUNT OFFERS(details will be given on the front page and in my blog, http://www.mirshells.com/ ) and leave a Comment & Rating. Feedback may also be given via the contact form in mirshells.com. These reviews would support my efforts immensely.

Thank You