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Seasons, Change and Life Quotes

Quotes almost always set us thinking. Here are quotes on Seasons, Change and Life; and some thoughts! 

Quote by Charles Dickens

"Nature gives to every season, a beauty all its own."

 - Charles Dickens

Each season has a purpose and role in our Cosmos, and every year each season conforms to its pattern. We have Spring - when plants spring with new life, also Spring that spreads joy, Summer - the warmest season of the year, Autumn or Fall  - when leaves fall from the trees and the good old(cold) Winter. 

Change of Seasons are a part of Nature and it is up to us, to make changes in our life to be in harmony with each season. 

Each season - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, brings along pleasant as well as, not so pleasant experiences.

Inspite of the varied mix of the different seasons, they have some common gifts. The famous author of this quote, expresses a common thread or sentiment, that we may have missed at times - each season is gifted by nature with a beauty of it's own, which we too enjoy.


Quote by Denis Waitley

"Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future."

- Denis Waitley 

Change of a Season calls for suitable changes in our activities and habits. We readjust or revamp our home, work and study environments; our food and dress. In a way, dynamic nature and seasons, nudge us to a dynamic life pattern. 

Every season has many good things for us to look forward to. In our life too, we change from our past to the present and look to the future. We have a timeline of joyful and disappointing memories of the past. 

A loser may get fixated on the grey and dark time points and experiences. Of the past. A winner considers them objectively so as to readjust, revamp and renew his present and future living situations.

A winner may even -  if needed, seek emotional support, inspiration and guidance from dependable sources.

  Coming back to our ine of thought - we naturally adapt to a change in season, we can do likewise for changes in life. We can look back to the past so.as to equip us for the present. 

As winners, our past and present kaleidoscope of life should make us optimistic to face the challenges, as well as enjoy the good things in future