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Are We Doing the Right Things? Charlie Munger has a piece of advice

 Are we doing the right things or just doing things right ...

This Quote by Charlie Munger is aligned in the same direction and can serve as a cue to regularly check, review and get back to "doing the right things" in our life needs and situations. 

These are wise words of an achiever and philanthropist - Charlie Munger, co-architect of the Berkshire Hathaway investment empire, whose life spanned almost a century (99 years). A voracious reader like his partner Warren Buffett, Munger drew his principles of life from various disciplines - science, maths and psychology, to know about the nature of people, their behaviour and the nature of business. 

His innate and acquired insights guided his judgement and actions. He worked hard to find out the right things and do them right - to evaluate potential investments in life and business and succeed in both.

The harder we work on "false" things the more we waste our valuable resources - time, health, money and relationships; and the more we regret it later in life. Switching to the right goals and methods in our personal life and career may be demanding but is worth it, and will in good time lead to right confidence and success.

Of Bays, Books and Flowers - Quote by Andrew Lang

A Quote by Andrew Lang, full of imagery of 'living by Nature'. The pictures of the post convey the.thread of thoughts of the author - a  stepping aside to a life of slow pace and calm, from the stressors of a world of material possessions and activities.

The writer captures our imagination and takes us along, to live in a house by the
beach of a bay, with the "surly" waves and seaweed. He is willing to make the trade-off "leave all the hurry ..." "for a house full  of books and a garden of flowers"

Nutrition and Exercise Keep us Moving

There is no 'magic pill' for health as we all know, but there is a "winning way"  - Nutrition and Exercise Keep us Moving. And Mobility is a measure of health!

First we have to nourish our body Cells with the "Right Nutrients" in.the "Right Way (Balanced Daily Values),"  then when we exercise appropriately our Body Structure is Strengthened  -  replacing and renewing, checking the wasting of body parts due to


wear and tear. "A Strong Body Keeps Sickness Away "and is "always on the Move"  

Nature Self-Renews and Inspires us

Nature is all-encompassing and in constant motion. The amazing variety of nature - the Earth, Sky, the Sun, Moon,  plants, animals and the whole Universe - Cosmos is full of Energy, Movement and Change. 
Natural systems are dynamic - always interacting, causing changes in matter and energy, and in the process repairing, renewing and evolving; while recapturing  its structure, beauty and function. Nature inspires us to do the same.

Focus on Nutrition and Exercise - to Self-Renew our body

Watch the short video below that helps us focus on Nutrition and Exercise, so as  to be always " On the Move."  
Showing here, "Nutrition & Exercise For Mobility"  - the 'winning way' for our health.   

The carefully curated imagery and crisp Info (and music!) give a clear handle for  our health. The way to hold on and remain continually on our Fitness Path, while searching through the current quagmire of information.on food -  health,  work - life, lifestyle inflluencers. 

The video also displays linktree, and links of other sites on Food Health and Lifeneeds topics. They include owned and affiliated content related to this website, 

We invite you to  Engage, Save and Share  relevant  content and Buy useful Resources. Hope the Curated Info and Created Resources which we offer, will better your Health and Lifeneeds.

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After Food, ... We need Stories

Food nourishes our Body, Stories nourish our Mind. Our wellbeing depends on both  - a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

As we know, the root cause of many of our sicknesses is psychosomatic i.e.,  due to anxiety of the mind and negative emotions such as anger, depression, jealousy and hate. 

So we have to eat healthy and at the same time strengthen and uplift our minds with info. and insights gained from reading of good writing sources and stories. These stories  also help us to progress, in our career for main income or sidehustles.

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