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Fermentation – Microorganisms, Doing Mighty Work

Fermentation as a phenomenon and its uses, has an ancient history and continues to be a dynamic area in modern times. This basically natural phenomenon involves microorganisms and the enzymes they produce. Fermentation is being researched, modified and put to a plethora of uses that enrich our lives. We mostly associate microorganisms and pathogens with the harm and havoc they do to our health, environment, property and other assets - and our pockets! Let us now consider the contributions of benign microorganisms.

Fermentation involves the conversion of carbohydrates to alcohols and carbon dioxide or organic acids using microorganisms such as yeasts and bacteria, under anaerobic (lack of oxygen) conditions. The organic acids formed, such as lactic and acetic acid, have a preservative function. For example, Lactic acid produced by the fermentation of milk by lactic acid bacteria preserves cheese, yogurt and other fermented milk products.

In the late 1850’s Louis Pasteur, well known for his exceptional contributions to microbiology and medicine, showed that fermentation is a metabolic process and the result of the action of living microorganisms. He identified yeast as a living organism, which fermented or converted sugar to alcohol. In 1897 Eduard Buchner a German scientist further discovered that a secretion of yeast caused the fermentation of sugar.   ................

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Food Notes:  Product Description

Food is a vast topic, and so is Health. “Food Notes” charts a special, short path across these two areas. To be ‘wise in food matters’, we have to first “know our food”. A healthy body requires a daily balanced intake of various nutrients, such as carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Food Science has provided us with knowledge of what nutrients are present, in a particular food item. This resource is useful for a Healthy lifestyle and for Educational purposes.
  • We may enjoy our food choices, while having a general frame of reference for good health.
  • “Food Notes” is a lifetime product. In this brief web tour we present important food and health information based on credible sources, in a simple yet comprehensive manner. Reference sites include authentic US and UK Food and Health sites, WHO, FAO etc.
  • As we know, when we have comprehensive information about a topic, we are able to see how different aspects are inter related and take better decisions. (A little or part information, though readily available, may sometimes be misleading.)
  • The Web Tour invites you to either “sight-see” or be informed at a little more deeper level. Both ways you stand to gain!
  • Provision for Printing pages. 
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Food & Health Resources at TES website.

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FoodWise is HealthWise UNIT 1 –Variety in Food
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FoodWise is HealthWise consists of different Units that discuss important aspects of the Food – Health Connection. The Units are rendered as PowerPoint Presentations. UNIT 1 - Variety in Food, gives a quick overview about our Food and the nutrients they contain. The presentation focuses on the importance of taking different types of Food to meet the various Nutrient needs of our body.

Wise eating keeps us in Good Health! Also this resource shall be useful for Essay Preparation of related Food & Health Topics.
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