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A Higher Perch – to See Things in Perspective

When we fine-tune to our natural surroundings we can often find simple solutions to our complex situations. When we place ourselves at a higher level like a bird perched on a pole, we can see the different aspects of an opportunity or problem without, I quote "pride and prejudice" or being unduly influenced by our own emotions as well as by others.

Also, a more complete view gives us a better solution!

An Eagle-eye View – to See Things in full Perspective

The eagle has a unique vision that is exceptionally powerful and sharp. Eagles are found to have, almost panoramic vision.- they can see a long way over a wide area. They can also notice small objects and details from a very long distance.

An Eagle-eye View – to See Things in full Perspective

A person with an eagle-eye perspective can see future and long term aspects of current topics and situations and can take appropriate decisions and actions.
When we train ourselves to acquire such a perspective, it becomes very useful to navigate more smoothly, our personal life and work areas.

A Higher Perch helps Seeing things in Perspective!

Pausing to Put 'Reason above emotion or
impulse’ when dealing with our life needs and issues, can take us to this higher Perch.

A Higher Perch – to See Things in Perspective

A Distance View" for a Better Perspective"

A "Distance View" enables a Better Perspective ... An objective or detached thinking also helps Seeing things in Perspective!

A "Distance View" for a Better Perspective

When we lose Perspective we lose track. Then, daily stress and strain takes its toll on our Health, Relationships and Life Goals.

So, let's position ourselves at a higher perch and take a distance view of our life ways, our issues, opportunities ...

And get our life back on track.

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