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Healthy Greetings - From Purple Beauty

This 'Purple Beauty', has followers across the world. The Eggplant fruit (aubergine, brinjal) sure finds a place on almost every dining table, for its taste, soft texture and brainy benefits. Truly intercontinental, it plays a special role in Food & Health of the people in America, Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East,.......

The links given below discuss useful information about the eggplant. You may scan these sites to know more about the different valuable Nutrients it contains and their role in our body metabolism. The World's Healthiest Foods website suggests its balanced use with other food items. This is to avail the eggplant’s natural benefits and check any effects (such as oxalate), resulting from overuse as it is categorized as a nightshade fruit.

The sites also provide Cooking Tips along with Easy prep and healthy, Eggplant Recipes. As this vegetable gets along well with a good number of "its colleagues" we can try out their creative ideas and learn a variety of combinations and ways of adding them to our diet.

Read more about Eggplant:


Eggplant: Health Benefits and Nutritional Information http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/279359.php

Healthy Eggplant Recipes 

Free Recipes, Free Cookbooks and Free Meal Plans to Download (Login Required)


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    1. Thank you. Nice to know that you found useful food info in this blog.

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