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#Mirshells Free Resources  #Free FUNDS  #Free Resources from External sites

  *Read Free Books  *Digital Clipart  *Crochet and Sewing Free Patterns    *"Varied and Legal Freebies"  *"Food Health" Web Tour  *Green Plants – Energising  *Corporate Grants For Nonprofits Source List  *Top Small Business Grants in 2018  *International Grant Makers  *Guide to Small Business Grants  *"Free Music for All"  *Free Christmas Music  *MIT OpenCourseWare   *Free Recipes, Free Cookbooks  *Freebies for Teaching

#Mirshells Free Resources
Welcome to these FREE Resources. Do post Your Comments and Feedback, they would help me upgrade the Resources.  
For Mirshells Free Resources please give Attribution:  Copyright © 2015 Mirella 
 1) Green Plants – Energising Our Lives  (FREE RESOURCE) 
PDF File; log in not needed to download.
Download Green Plants – Energising Our Lives 
2)  Food Notes - A Brief and Beneficial "Food Health" Web Tour  
Download       FREE SAMPLE Version - Food Notes - A Brief and Beneficial "Food Health" Web Tour.


Guide to Small Business Grants  [almost all of these are focused on businesses in the United States]
Courtesy:  Fundera.com     The Top Small Business Grants in 2018

Courtesy: Corporate Grants For Nonprofits Source List
Courtesy:  Fundera.com     The Top Small Business Grants in 2018
Courtesy: Guide to Small Business Grants  [almost all of these are focused on businesses in the United States]

International Grant Makers
Courtesy: nonprofitexpert.com  International Grants
Courtesy: MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES  International and Foreign Grant Makers

#Free Resources from External sites
* For info on "Varied and Legal Freebies" visit Courtesy: https://www.thebalance.com/freebies-4074016
Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/stacymfisher/

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* Read Free Books Online
"This site is a free e-books links library where you can find and download free books in almost any category. Do you like ebooks? This is place for you!  We have lots of links to free ebooks.  You can find scientific, engineering, programming, fiction and many other books. All books are ready for download without registering."

* Free Recipes, Free Cookbooks and Free Meal Plans to Download (free sign in reqd.)

* Download HUGE FREEBIE! School Favorites (free sign in reqd.)
{Creative Clips Digital Clipart}
Creative Clips Digital Clipart is created by Krista Wallden. Please read "Terms of Use" regarding personal and commercial use of the graphics.
* [Use MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) to guide your own life-long learning, or to teach others. Massachusetts Institute of Technology OCW is a free and open web-based publication of material from thousands of MIT courses, covering the entire MIT curriculum - ranging from the introductory to the most advanced graduate level. 
There's no signup, no enrollment, and no start or end dates. Freely browse. Download and Save files. Send them to friends and colleagues. Modify or remix OCW content for any non-commercial use ....as per the terms of our Creative Commons license.)] Courtesy: MIT (OCW) website. (text modified, for brevity)
VISIT:  https://ocw.mit.edu/help/get-started-with-ocw/

 * Crochet and Sewing - Free Patterns
-Over 4500 Patterns best free sewing patterns on the web!

 "Free Music for All" 
Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/stacymfisher/free-music-for-all/
"The best free music apps, the best places to download free music, the best places to listen to free streaming music, and the best places to watch free music videos."

* Christmas and New Year 2017 - Music, Songs 
List of Christmas and Holiday Songs in MP3 format
2 . Courtesy: A-M Classical
 "MP3 and MIDI files of favorite classical music masterpieces for free download.  Christmas Song Downloads Available Three pages with free downloads of Christmas music: the Christmas carols page, the classical Christmas music page, and the organ music for Christmas page. Creative Commons Licensing: All our original audio content is now released under a Creative Commons Attribution license.  Also check out Free Classical MP3 Music”
 3. Courtesy: Garritan Community Christmas Album Vol. 11 
Free to download complete album, single tracks or stream. "Researchers at heart, we pioneer innovation, creating new standards that are consistently in the forefront of music technology… yet remain focused on the human elements of music and real performance". 

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